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We are a group of guys local to Tunbridge Wells who choose to meet up regularly (diaries permitting) for beers, dinner, activities, and community service (e.g. organising the Dunorlan Park fireworks display, not the type handed out by Magistrates!)

We meet twice a month, usually every second and fourth Tuesday. The types of meeting vary between Social meetings and Business meetings and our calendar for the current year is set out under the ‘Programme’ tab

Social Meetings make up the majority of our activities and  typically involve meeting up for a local activity and/or dinner.  This year we have a range of activities planned including:

·         Driving related events from F1 simulators through to Scalectrix racing
·         Grey Hound Racing
·         Croquet (a surprisingly vicious game)
·         Golf
·         Range shooting
·         Brewery trips

Business meetings are held at the Royal Wells Hotel where the food and service is awesome.  These meetings give us the opportunity to organise the forthcoming social activities, consider fundraising requests received, and plan the annual fireworks display

We also meet regularly to promote good causes, for example Children in Need, please see our Fundraising section.

Contact us now and we will arrange for you to attend a meeting or event as a guest without obligation or commitment.