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The event has been running since 1957 and is the town’s largest single annual event each year. 

Dunorlan Park is a great natural amphitheatre for fireworks with the lake reflecting all of the action for double the spectacle!

The display itself is performed by professional fireworks personnel who are members of the CBI EIG. Each event is approved by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. We are fully insured and are supported by St. John's Ambulance.

The Round Table takes fundraising seriously, all of the preparation work is done by trusted people within the Round Table and is done on a voluntary basis. We also have kind help in the park from the Pantiles Rotary Club, TWGGS and local scout groups.


We run the Fireworks to ensure everyone has a great and safe time, but we also do it to raise money for local charities. 

All of the money we make from the fireworks goes to supporting local charities with carefully planned projects. At the beginning of each year we ask for requests from around the area for those who would like assistance - come back then for more info if you'd like to apply

in 2022 we were able to give away over £50,000! This included us supporting a mental health resources, a food bank, disabled and elderly care, children's mental health and community outreach programmes.


Our Registered Charity Number is 1056223


We are a local group of guys who choose to meet up regularly for beers, dinner, activities, and community service.


We meet twice a month, usually every second and fourth Tuesday. The types of meeting vary between Social meetings, fun activities and Business meetings to plan upcoming charitable fundraisers.

Social Meetings make up the majority of our activities and typically involve meeting up for a local activity and/or dinner. 

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