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 Applications for our Charitable Giveaway 2024 are now closed and we will be in touch with all applicants with a decision soon.

We are a group of guys aged 18-45 who do charitable things in our area:

  • Run the Annual Dunorlan Park Fireworks (the biggest single event in TW!)

  • Run a Santa Sleigh collecting for our local foodbank 

  • Assist with Community Events:

    • Rusthall Village Fete,

    • TW Half Marathon,

    • Trinity Theatre,

    • The Asian Mela,

    • Local and Live and so on

  • Raise money for charity (Children in Need)

  • Hold an Annual Charity Giveaway

What’s Round Table?

Have you ever been new to an area? Needed to make some new friends?  .... Why not consider Round Table…

Round Table is about having fun with a great bunch of mates and trying something new…

Founded in 1927, Round Tables meet all over Great Britain and Ireland to try Curling, Tennis, Cricket, Boule, Rifle shooting, lock picking, or perhaps go for a round of crazy golf, learn how to make the perfect sushi or take a tour of the local brewery. Round Table is the perfect way to make your weeknights as good as your weekends - It's time to end the boredom and Do More!

Round Table are proud to support national charities like Children in Need and Anthony Nolan, whilst also supporting thousands of local charities and individuals making an enormous difference to millions of lives every year. If you want to be part of something more it's time to join Round Table.

We are a family of clubs including older members and the ladies too!

Royal Tunbridge Wells Ladies Circle can be contacted via Facebook

So what are you waiting for…  Do More….
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